‘The Story of Warcraft’ Recaps Major Events Ahead of Mists of Pandaria

The world of Warcraft has been with gamers for decades. What began in late 1994 is now a property as old as many of the people playing hero in the universe today. Lore has come in the form of novels, comics, manga and games and it’s a lot to digest. Blizzard to the (partial) rescue!

Today, Blizzard launched a new subsection of its official blog to tackle all of the digital happenings in the universe of Warcraft, from Orcs and Humans to each individual content patch of World of Warcraft. Titled “The Story of Warcraft” the new content is sectioned off by chapters, with each area offering a quick synopsis of a major game-based storyarc backed by supplemental videos and wallpapers.

This is a can’t miss for anyone interested in lore, missed chunks of Warcraft’s story or just wants to brush up ahead of Mists of Pandaria.

Hopefully we’ll see the impressive 22 chapters expand with major happenings from the expanded universe. I’m not holding my breath, but lord knows there have been plenty worthy moments. Interested parties of the expanded universe should point their peepers to our extensive guide.