Expansions in 2014 Are Getting Shaken Up (LoTRO/STO)

This isn’t going to be a comprehensive post about all of the expansions coming in 2014. If you’re looking for that, you’ll have to wait for some of our year end coverage describing what the New Year will bring and what we’re excited for here at Lore Hound. This post is about expansions, but it’s about the coincidentally timed announcements by Cryptic Studios and Turbine Entertainment. Relating to their other popular franchises, Star Trek Online and Lord of the Rings Online.

One of those two titles will not be receiving an expansion in 2014. Can you guess which one?

You’re likely wrong. It’s Star Trek Online. Trekkies everywhere hoped the title would be a breakout hit after its tumultuous development but it wasn’t. That doesn’t matter because Trekkies have supported the title so much that it’s reportedly incredibly profitable. As such, the community can expect a full expansion in late 2014. Great way to follow through Season 8 and into Season 9. Not to mention the first expansion pack, Legacy of Romulus.

On the flip side, after pushing out new expansions in the last three years since becoming free-to-play, Lord of the Rings Online will not be making it a fourth. Executive Producer Kate Paiz announced that the Year of the Horse will lack a proper expansion. Paiz added that this doesn’t mean 2014 will lack content, just that there will be “a steady flow of content.” All of which is expected to be free for VIP subscribers.


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