Marvel Heroes Wants You To Be Bad, Very Bad

The players of the dungeon crawling Marvel Heroes may have recently entered the lands of Norse mythology, Thor and Asgard, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely on the side of the God of Thunder. Gazillion Entertainment hears those on the side of Loki and the rest, loud and clear. Loki was the first, certainly not the last.

Ahead of the heroes and villains patch coming in 2014 Gazillion has announced a deep discount for the upcoming Advance Pack. The pack will include the likes of the unstoppable Juggernaut, the alien symbiote that is Venom and Magneto. To combat these foes, the more virtuous may take homage in the guise of Psylocke, Silver Surfer or Dr. Strange.

As always with Marvel Heroes, the price ranges from expensive, $99.99, to very expensive, $129.99. Depending which and when you order the Advance Pack you may receive some additional perks. Full details.