F2P Friday: Let’s Play a Fighting Game (Giveaway)

lh_metadev_orion_brawlhalla_pax_east_f2p_fridayF2P Friday is our weekly showcase of the growing free-to-play market, from MMORPGs to first-person shooters and beyond.The stream team will feature the latest, greatest and just plain fun games that cost you nothing to play. Ever. Granted, you should throw the developer a bone if you enjoy a title, but you don’t have to.

It’s time to break out my wired, yes, wired, Xbox 360 controller, blow off the dust, and get the thumbs warmed up because we’re diving into the frenetic world of Brawlhalla this week. Modeled after the ridiculous fun that is the Super Smash Bros. gameplay the Blue Mammoth Games title spawned not from simply a lack of such options on the PC but the company’s original game, Dungeon Blitz.

You’ll recall that we were introduced to Brawlhalla by Zeke Sparkes as part of our PAX East coverage. Since then we’ve given away hundreds of beta keys, some exclusive skin codes but haven’t returned to the weapon-based fighting title. That’s all changing in a scant few hours. We’ll be providing additional beta keys for those that’d like to join us in some viewer match fun. And even some more Oren skins. But I’ve gotta keep one of those for myself of course.

Despite lurking on the Brawlhalla subreddit for the past week or so I don’t have high expectations for my upcoming performance. Something tells me that my opponents won’t mind kicking my ass for two hours. Come watch my humiliation!

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