Star Trek Online: Season One Impressions

The first major content patch for Star Trek Online was released a few days ago, something Cryptic Studios is calling Season One: Common Ground. The patch includes a long list of fixes and additions, including some that address many of the major concerns that players have voiced in the weeks since STO launched. Some of the highlights of the patch are new missions, a fleshed out Klingon experience, and even more customization options.

At least some of the missions that have been added to the game are geared towards end-game players, an area where STO has been lacking content since the first captains hit the level cap. With an additional Special Task Force mission in Season One, the game should hold hardcore players’ attention at least for a little while longer. The additional content is welcomed, but there is still a bit of a dearth of activities for Admirals. Thankfully, Cryptic has been releasing new content on a regular basis, so the number of missions for level capped players should rack up quickly.

The rest of the new missions are mostly fleet actions, or large scale public missions. They are different enough to be fun for the first couple of times, but I’m not really one that enjoys grinding them out over and over. I find it’s usually worth weaving in story-based episodes between them to keep things interesting.

On the Klingon side of things, players finally have some PvE content that they can do between demolishing the Federation. Klingon players can now access some fleet actions including the new Big Dig fleet action. Again, this is a step in the right direction, but the Klingon PvE experience still needs some work. Klingons are also finally able to customize their ships.

Last, but definitely not least, players can now respec their captains’ skills. This simple and long awaited feature should make leveling a bit less stressful, as making the decision as to what skills to level is no longer binding for eternity but can be changed relatively simply throughout the leveling process.

All in all, Season One is a much needed chunk of content that should push STO towards being the game Star Trek fans hope it will be. It is by no means a fix for every problem (diplomatic missions where are you?), but it is a huge step in the right direction.

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  1. Tho I have not yet started this yet, I look forward to it in the future. I am a big star trek fan and will support it soon. Checking internet for reviews now…

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