Final Fantasy XI Expanding to Seekers of Adoulin

The newer sibling of Final Fantasy XI may be going through extended growing pains, but that hasn’t stopped Square Enix from continuing development on the original MMORPG in the Final Fantasy universe. The RPG specialist officially announced Seekers of Adoulin earlier today complete with an updated website and reveal trailer.

According to early teases at Vanafest 2012, the title will unlock a new continent, add two new job types, including the party-friendly Geomancer and Rune Fencer, unlock the Reclaim the Land system, new mob types and more.

Available for purchase on Xbox 360 and PC, the fifth expansion will be available to players on March 26, 2013, with servers following the next day. It’ll be available as a stand-alone SKU or and Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which includes all previously released expansions and content. The units are $29.99 and $39.99 respectively. It looks like the sun has set on PS2 support for FFXI.

Hit the cut for the latest reveal trailer.

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