Lore Hound Crew on SMITE Charity Stream Today, 2:00-4:00 PM EST

Mordil and iTZKooPA will be joining the ranks of Hi-Rez Studios for a few hours to partake in the company’s (hopefully annual) holiday charity event. The company is running the event in support of everyone’s favorite gamer charity, Child’s Play. The event is a 24-hour drive, so it’s already begun over on the SMITE Twitch account.

Like last time, we don’t really know what to expect. I’ll be rocking Loki and Xbalanque as much as possible. Our friendly PR Specialist Gabe only gave us the following to go on:

Join us for a 24-hour SMITE marathon streamed from our playtest room with special guest appearances, prizes, and tips on how to survive the post apocalyptic wasteland. Bring your game face and see you on the other side!

Here goes my ELO…

Want to donate a little holiday cheer? You can chip in right here or the widget after the cut. The more money raised, the more Artemis Convention 2012 skins we give away.