Final Fantasy XIV Prepping for Reboot, Winding Down With Final Content

Announced ages ago, Square-Enix will be shutting down the current iteration of Final Fantasy XIV next month. The original notification didn’t come with a Another One Bites The Dust post because Squenix, as it likes to be called, announced at the same moment that the game would receive a complete overhaul. A Realm Reborn will launch next month, but not before a final update to FFXIV this week to bring some closure.

The final chapter for the game as it was originally launched is dubbed the Seventh Umbral Era. Players will be able to participate in the events until November 11, but all progress will be frozen on October 31 to prepare for the switchover. If you’d rather dive into version 2.0, Square-Enix is accepting applications to a limited Alpha test for A Realm Reborn.

The original incarnation of FFXIV never interested me in the slightest. The massive changes to the game, including my achilles heel of game economics, will force me to give it a second look. What about you?

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