Final Public Beta Weekend for Firefall is Upon Us

Years in the making and multiple revamps later, the release of Firefall is almost upon us. But ahead of the July 7 open beta date has been a string of public betas. These weekend events have been dual purposes, marketing and stress testing. Each has included various prizes, including community unlocks and in-game items, and new content or systems to play with. This time will be no different.

The final public beta runs from Friday, June 7 until Sunday, June 9. The final session includes improved Chosen targeting in open world events, new locations and missions, additional tweaks to progression and crafting and tasty new battleframe abilities.

For those thinking of joining closed beta testing now via invite or by becoming a Founder, don’t forget that James Macauley already promised an end to character wipes in 2012. Check out the Open Beta FAQ for all the details.