FireFall Begins Beta Weekends January 25, New Trailer Available

Developer Red 5 Studios hasn’t withheld FireFall from many gamers. The MMO shooter has remained firmly in “beta” testing, but has been that way for a large chunk of 2012. If an interested party wanted to play, there were many ways to jump aboard, from an early purchase to friendly invites. It’s about to become even easier.

Red 5 Studios announced today that FireFall is heading into open beta testing beginning this weekend. Starting Friday, January 25, any interested party can jump into the revamped shooter to participate in what’s being labeled as a “stress test.” The first of three beta weekends planned for early this year, the later two will come in February and March.

Shooter fans shouldn’t overlook the opportunity just because it’s a stress test. The weekend will be backed with a full battery of perks, including two media contests, a community unlockable battleframe decal and the full brunt of Red 5 Studios TwitchTV’s streaming.

In addition, new gameplay trailer after the cut!