First Look: Marvel Heroes Unveils Emma Frost & The Thing (Video)

Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy with its intentions for Marvel Heroes. There have been some false starts and hiccups since launch, but the developer, helmed by David Brevik of Diablo and Blizzard North fame, have carried on. Through package changes, permanent discounts, farming overhauls and a dramatic revamp of the entire combat system, Marvel Heroes has seen a lot in its short life.

And it hasn’t stopped the developer from tapping that massive Marvel universe for characters large, small, known and secretive. The latest pair to grace the upcoming bin are Emma Frost and The Thing.

The sexy Emma Frost uses her psychic powers to target organic foes and quite literally bring them to their knees. Her mental fortitude enables her to control any non-boss in the game as a minion, unleashing the destructive forces of sentinels or dinosaurs on her enemies.  Gazillion even teases us with a few costume options in the reveal. The special The Thing Fear Itself packs a wallop and a lot of attitude. The minute trailer only gives us a small taste of the rock hard hero, but anyone badass enough to stand toe-to-toe with Juggernaut is damn good in my book.