MechWarrior Online Releases new Pre-order Package (Video)

The Inner Sphere is changing once again. Developer Piranha Games has pushed out the latest content patch to its current open beta soon-to-be launched MMO shooter MechWarrior Online. With the September 17, 2013 launch date creeping ever closer, the studio has unveiled a new pre-order option, the Saber Package.

An upgrade to the previously and still available Phoenix Package, the $30 Saber package includes the classic mechs ‘The Wolverine’ and the ‘Griffon’. The special editions come complete with a 30% increase to C-bill production, a 10% increase to loyalty and custom camo and patterns. The option also includes the less desirable but no less functional standard variants of the vertical tanks.

The latest update also includes the standard introduction of a new mech, this time the Hero mech known as Protector. The first installment of the planned comprehensive tutorial is also part of the latest update. The full reveal of Protector is after the cut.