For The Love of God, Cupid Added to SMITE Roster

We all knew that Hi-Rez Studios would continue to add deities from SMITE’s collection of pantheons, but I don’t believe anyone expected the latest addition. Sure, he was teased in shadows but with such a cavalcade of characters in Greek mythology, one could expect a more battle-hardened warrior. The one, the only, God of Love, Cupid has entered the fray!

The chubby little god does battle with love, forcing enemies to explode with passion. I’m serious, that’s what happens. Every ability is love-based causing hearts flying everywhere. As a ranged physical assassin with a dash of support, Cupid is an excellent addition to balance hero selection and a solid late game carry.

Check out the God Reveal for Cupid below the cut. We’ll have more on SMITE from Gamescom 2012 later this week.