Forge on Steam Greenlight

I love Indie games. Triple As tend to get most of the limelight and the players, but these days I’m a cranky, jaded old dinosaur and I like to see new things. And by and large of late, new things are only appearing in the indies. I’m not sure I’d call Forge a grand possessor of new things – I don’t know enough about it to say one way or another – but it is full on open pvp and that’s increasingly rare these days. It does look interesting enough that I keep an eye on it. Right now they’re looking for new eyeballs as they chug along on Steam Greenlight. I’ll admit that before I saw this, I had no idea what Steam Greenlight even was. But I’m a big supporter of games, especially indie game, so I wandered on over to help them along. If you’re looking for something with lots of pvp, this might be the game to watch. Showing some support is easy – just go to the Forge Greenlight page and click YES!

If you like what you see, applications for the upcoming closed beta are currently being accepted on the official Forge page and they’re also up on kickstarter.

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