Guild Wars 2 WvW Wishlist

World vs World in Guild Wars 2 is good, probably the best PvP system of any MMORPG in the last 5 years, but it’s certainly not perfect. Think of it as the common merry-go-round system where objective points are flipped between factions, but on a much larger scale and between three factions.

While the Guild Wars 2 system is quite a bit more complex than other PvP systems, the basic gameplay mechanisms are the same. Go to a hold point, take it over and move on. What I’d like to see is a little more sand added to the box, so below I’ve outlined my wish list for Guild Wars 2 World vs World.

  • Guild controlled hold points – Instead of everything being controlled by factions, think of what would happen if individual guilds held the points instead. There would be more incentive for guilds to hold and control points if they received the rewards themselves. There would be more guild vs guild competition, even between friendly factions, to hold or take over new points. Guilds would also fight a lot harder to defend and hold their own points as opposed to players who might not care enough to defend a faction point because, hey, someone else will go defend it.
  • Quick travel – Having to run back all the way to where you were each time you die is more than annoying, it’s a game killer and I can’t stand it. The penalty for death should not be wasted time. If you die, players should be able to respawn at the closet keep, with the only exception being if you died in a keep, then the next closest one. So you still have to run back to where you were, just not all the way from the beginning.
  • Looting – Yes looting. There still needs to be a penalty for death and I think one randomly equipped item should be dropped when a player dies. There can be 2-3 safe slots so you can protect your most valuable items, but everything else should be free game.
  • Breakable gear – All gear should eventually break. This would create a huge demand for crafted weapons and armor and yet another additional penalty for dying.
  • Mounts – While I can understand the reason for not having them, I’d still love to see mounts someday make it to GW2 and WvW.

The ball is in your court ArenaNet :)


  1. Usually I agree with most of your article, but not today i guess. :)

    Even with GW2 not having a gear grind, people are attached to their character and y extension their gear. Breaking or losing gear in anyway wont ever happen.

    I think the length of a run after dieing is good. Otherwise you have to keep killing the same people as they run back to defend the pass or keep or whatever. That would be far worse. This also presses you to play intelligently when there is something of an actual penalty for death. Mounts would have the same effect if they increased run speeds.

  2. Looting and Breakable gear will cost you players taking the time to play WvWvW. The demographic of people who play MMO’s has changed, time is a premium and people are not going to want to loose items, because of the time it takes to acquire them. So if I’m not great at PvP but want to get my feet wet, losing items each time I’m killed is not a good way to build interest.

    Lack quick travel after death, is a time sink penalty, I like it cause in makes you think twice before rushing in blindly, which you should because this game does not cater to that style. But if you decide to and die, well you get a long run but you haven’t lost any items that you put value into, even though they are just pixels.

    If my opinions are correct you’ll have two choices, more hardcore PvP with fewer players, or more players with large WvW battles.

  3. Valuable items are only valuable because they can never be lost. If all weapons and gear eventually broke down, the value of said items would be much less, so losing one wouldn’t be a major deal. Personally I’d rather lose an item then waste 1/4 of my time each WvW session running back to where I was.

  4. On my wishlist:
    I wish they would hurry up and reinstate my account =(
    Just found I am one of the many to have had my account hacked and the username & password changed on me. Apparently a quick google search shows quite a few people have been hit over the past few days.
    If you havent already make sure change your password to a unique one only used for GW2.
    Hopefully Arenanet will have learned and made it so that you have to verify any account changes via an email link – at the moment they don’t and doing so would have prevented a lot of this.

  5. ….Everything in this article is absolutely horrible, and there is no reasoning at all.

    Quick travel? Really? You want to finally wipe that group of 20 defending that keep, just for them to respawn and come back a few seconds later? This will ruin WvW.

    Mounts — This is not WoW. You have speed buffs and skills and traits and utilities meant for quick travelling. In case you haven’t noticed, all areas are MUCH smaller than the areas in WoW, at the expense of there being no mounts. Plus, personally I wouldn’t want my screen being a clutter of animals all in a visually tearing and overlapping mess.

    Death penalties — Reach level 80 first, then review your article. Seriously. gw2guru forums there are many topics of people being more broke than ever before cuz of lv 80. I am one of those, and we do not need even MORE of a penalty than repairing gear.

  6. You demand of breakable gears is the most stupid idea I’ve EVER heard of. You want people to craft a 10-gold item and have it break into trash? NO THANKS. That kind of system only spawns more farmers and make things less enjoyable. That’s what people dislike about Lineage II, and why in the seven hells would NCsoft bring that ridiculous idea back to a new game? Having items damaged upon dead in WvW sucks enough and now you want more?

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