Fractured Space is Kinda On Point


We Lorehounds kicked off our existence by covering the MMO genre. RPG, RTS, whatever letters you stuck after MMO didn’t really matter, we were interested. We’ve documented how one genre has lead into the MOBA experience and moved with it. A wave we have ridden happily. Yet that new genre has, sadly, become stale. Congealed in its thinking and design potentially because of the very fans that healthily fund a handful of titles. Stagnant innovation comes to mind. How do you break the cycle? How do you stop the cynicism that pervades MMOs these days?

It may have been more obvious than many of us realized. The most mined areas for MOBA games is simple across the metascape. They’re based on lanes and set in a typical fantasy archetype. PAX West introduced us to something well developed and well outside of the fantasy genre. A game that even turns the general concept of laning on its head, Fractured Space. Sure, the game does feature lanes in the sense that there are areas you must defend from opposing forces. But you can’t travel to them unless you jump at warp speed. Which brings us to the latter point, it’s a space faring MOBA. Spaceships duking it out over lanes in a fast-paced environment. Where’s the closed beta signup?