Game of Thrones Ascent Updated Ahead of Season 4

The Song of Ice and Fire franchise is enormous. Sure, the HBO series that Game of Thrones Ascent has tapped into the universe, but it – the game or TV series – has barely cracked the surface of George R. R. Martin’s incredible universe. And that’s exactly why Ascent has plenty of material to work with. For ages of content patches.

The latest content patch includes much of Season 3’s big developments, including the introduction of House Tyrell, and, in a fashion, Alliance vs. Alliance combat. The former is clear enough, a new great house added to the world bringing the total to six. Alliance vs. Alliance combat is far more complicated allowing players to form regional alliances over the course of the game. An improved chat system is included to aid in organizational efforts.

The other big addition, which is integrated well with AvA combat, is Item Enchantments. Players can now make changes to crafted and acquired items as well as Sworn Swords. The Seals, best when created by other players, will carry over through reincarnations and new characters.

All of this ahead of Season 4’s premiere in 2014. More media after the jump.