Spiritual Successor to City of Heroes Funded; Heading Towards Stretch Goals

The Kickstarter campaign for City of Titan began five days ago. Originally called The Phoenix Project to raise City of Heroes from its ashes, the spiritual successor to CoH has already met its modest goal of $320,000. As of this writing, some 2,300 backers have promised nearly $347,500. That’s an average of over $150 per backer!

The #SaveCOH campaign may have gone quiet, but that hasn’t not dashed the hopes of deep super hero customization. The virtual studio known as Missing Worlds Media peaced itself together after the closure of Paragon City. The team is chaired by S. Quinn and lead developer Chris Hare.

You can read about the full project at the official Kickstarter page. The funding milestone means that Missing Worlds Media has unlocked stretch goals, including mobile ports for the Avatar Builder and a MacOS client at launch. All three goals will be unlocked if City of Titans can land a modest amount of $450,000.

There are 27 days left, so it’s entirely likely.