Gas Powered Games Kickstarting New Action Hybrid

Gas Powered Games, the home of famed game designer Chris Taylor, Supreme Commander & Dungeon Siege, has launched a new Kickstarer project to fund its latest project, Wildman. The development studio has set a $1.1 million goal, with 32 days to reach it.

Gas Powered Games hasn’t announced any stretch goals to date, but there’s plenty of time for that. Considering the lofty goals of creating an action game with elements of Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander and Demigod, the company has plenty football fields of room for movement should backing blow past $1.1 million. Action-RPG meets RTS meets MOBA, the only PC-heavy genre seemingly left out would be F2P.

To that end, backers have a cavalcade of options for getting in on the ground floor. From limited availabilities of Digital and Physical Collector’s Editions to the base purchase of $20 to an $10,000 Executive Producer credit, there’s a level for any gamer with a few lunches to burn.

Head over to the official Kickstarter page to back, check out additional assets, details and the official trailer.