Trion Worlds Drops Defiance Co-op Trailer

Defiance, the hybrid TV show/MMO shooter from Syfy and Trion Worlds, is getting a double debut in mid-April yet we gamers haven’t seen a full trailer for the interactive version. That was until recently.

Shortly after a new trailer for the cable show was released by Syfy, Trion Worlds unleashed its half to the masses. Highlighting the “massive co-op battles across the open world” the new trailer includes in-game footage of boss battles large and small, a thumping soundtrack and a look at some of the more familiar environments. Perhaps the most interesting part is the amount of vehicles heading into a select few of the battles.

Massive co-op battles with a lot of players is a bit run of the mill. With a blitzkrieg of vehicles in tow, not so much.

Defiance will premiere on Syfy on April 15, 2013.