Goblins and Worgen Become the Norm

Some transitions happen faster than you realize. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the first Goblins and Worgen appeared as playable characters in World of Warcraft.Those first couple of days, when not soaking up questing goodness, I was oohing and ahhing at the new additions to the WoW family.

I was still caught by surprise at seeing their little toons running around Azeroth, even though I had known for more than a year that they soon would be arriving as playable characters. I marveled at their cute green features and furry snarls as they sought to complete questing of their own. Between logins on my main, I made a few versions of the new guys, although never logging in with them, simply to get more of the character creation process. And you know I couldn’t get enough when I saw the first in-game versions of their /dances.

And almost as suddenly, the novelty wore off. After running PUGs with cutesy goblins who don’t know crap about how to play — I suppose it dawned on me that they are just as fallible as everyone else who’s playing. If not, even moreso at this point.

I don’t know why, exactly I didn’t realize it to begin with.

Now don’t get me wrong – I still am overjoyed to have some new races to adjust to and populate the servers with. It’s just starting to become more normal now, and it takes much more than a Goblin or Worgen player’s presence alone to catch me off guard. I’ve reached the conclusion that this is a good thing — both races are a great fit with the world that already existed Pre-Cataclysm, and neither one seems out of place. All is right with Azeroth.

What’s been your own experience? Are you happy with how the two newcomers are melding with the game so far? Are you also starting to get used to the idea of their playable presence in Azeroth?


  1. I never actually started to notice Goblins much until a few days ago. I was looking forward to being able to kill them – without loss of Rep.

    But yeah. They’re a pretty normal sight now.

  2. It’s only Because both of the classes were Already in game. Plus they have no New Class.

    When BC hit, Bam, 1 new race never before seen. (1 was a copy class, but eh, they asked for it). Both which opened up 2 new classes not open to the previous faction.

    Then Wrath came and Bam, a class Everyone could play at the high level.

    So far the appeal of Worgen’s/Goblin’s has been there storyline (which are pretty damn cool) but there not as Unique as the previous 2 and don’t have a specific class to back them up. Granted, don’t let people who don’t know How to play them give the whole races a negative impact (that’s them) just be open to the fact that we Know these race’s and try and enjoy them for who they are. I mean, we did kinda ask for them to have more background in the first place.

    Trust me when I say blizz announces Dragon aspect’s as a hero race with no new class, people will be just as “meh” as they are now.

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