Guild Wars 2 April Update Brings Custom PvP, New Dungeons [Update]

The massive Flame & Frost: Retribution patch is culminating in April. The final portion,Retribution, will end the living story of ‘Flame and Frost’ by adding new dungeon content and introducing custom PvP arenas complete with a spectator mode. Naturally, the patch wouldn’t be complete without the typical addition of new rewards and guild missions.

The latest dungeon will put players against The Molten Alliance as they venture into the Molten Weapon Facilities. Battling Braham and Rox will lead to the final conflict with Charr and Dredge, finalizing the lore behind Flame & Frost. Molten Weapon Facilities is available for a limited time. Be sure to tackle it as soon as possible to earn the dungeon’s unique rewards.

Custom Arenas will take a bit of time, entering beta first. There’s no word on how the process will work or how long it will take. Guilds will be able to pool money to customize their arena. Privacy, score limits, team sizes, time limits and much more are customizable from the game settings. The Spectator mode is just as robust.

All these features and more will go live as part of next week’s patch, which was just added as a big update to the official Guild Wars 2 page.