Guildies Are The Best

lh_guildies_wow_draenorUnfortunately, I didn’t make it to level 100 as I had hoped during Instance Gratification. It wasn’t the end of the world that I missed the mark. I resolved to return to the Twitch channel for the epic culmination of Solidsagart’s leveling and that’s exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon. I was excited to hammer out the last few bubbles to unlock all the level 100 dungeons and begin farming them for heroic preparedness and, obviously, raiding. That didn’t come to fruition thanks to an ilvl gaffe leading me to have a pathetic 593 instead of the required 595 for the latest dungeons.

That’s when I scrambled. I dug through quest logs trying to find a piece of gear I could quickly earn to get those two points to return the stream to dungeon runs. There was nothing. I had already cleared out the easy wins. Thankfully, my small, close knit guild was right at hand. Hitting the ‘J’ key and swapping the tab to Roster I saw one member online, an alt of one of our most dedicated members. I was quickly informed that Ashran was the place to go grab a quick 600+ ilvl item. PvP not being my jam I was reserved. I knew I’d be rather terrible with no experience, or, to be completely honest, no interest in actually participating.

I bit the bullet, waited out the twenty minute queue and joined the struggle versus the dirty horde. Thirty minutes later I had not one, but two pieces of the Ashran gear putting me well above the normal level 100 dungeon requirement. In fact, those items replaced two of my lowest pieces dramatically increasing my ilvl. Nearly ready for heroics after a very short amount of work.

Thanks for the tip, educated guildie!

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  1. Rare mobs and treasures. Should have killed some rare mobs in Nagrand, and used the Handynotes+Draenor Treasures addon to find treasures. Lots of 600+ gear in Nagrand…

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