Hi-Rez Studios Bringing God of Ecstasy to SMITE

Just moments ago, HiRezBart, the eSports Manager for Hi-Rez Studios, teased the latest god heading to the fields of combat in SMITE, Bacchus. The adopted name by Romans for Dionysus, the Greek god of ritual madness and ecstasy, Bacchus could be developed multiple ways. It’ll be interesting to see which way Hi-Rez goes with the god of winemaking, wine and the grape harvest.

Based on his lore, Bacchus could easily be given three uniquely different roles. A generic support role featuring a multitude of disables, given his penchant for distracting others with his parties. A mind-control mage role that hasn’t been seen in SMITE yet. Or even more uncommon to the MOBA universe at large, a minion summoner, thanks to Bacchus commonly being followed by a procession (he brings his own party).

What’s your guess?

Regardless of who turns out to be correct, we won’t have to wait long. HiRezBart will be unveiling Bacchus as part of today’s 3:00 PM EST SMITE stream.

Stay tuned!

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