HiRez Studios Announces $10,000 5v5 Invitational SMITE Tournament at PAX East (March 22-24)

Ahead of their scheduled departure for PAX East (which iTZkooPA will be covering the show), HiRez announced yesterday the $10,000 prize pool tournament they will be hosting in cooperation with Twitch.tv.

Seven teams out of a list of around 36 have been invited to play which include: ROOT Gaming, My Revenge EU, Curse.NA, Borderland Gaming NA, Reason Gaming, MyoElectric, and Vivacity E-Sports.

HiRez is also allowing for casuals to make the leap into professional gaming by competing for the 8th slot in the “Wildcard” event on Sunday. The rules for the Wildcard event for those interested are:

  • March 10th
  • Single Elimination, Best of 1
  • Sign-up HERE – Deadline is Sunday, March 10th at 3 AM US Eastern
  • All teams are able to enter, so long as the player’s accounts are in good standing. Players with suspended accounts are ineligible, and are not allowed to compete using smurfs or alternate accounts. Teams found using a player whose accounts are not all in good standing will result in forfeit.
  • The winning team will earn a spot in the $10,000 Invitational, and the chance to compete in the most prestigious event that Smite has held to date!
  • Top three teams will also earn gem packages!(Amounts TBA)

HiRez also continues to go on by thanking the community for helping them make such a tournament a reality.

Open beta is progressing extremely well, and it’s largely in part to the dedicated players and teams that have been grinding away since the start of closed beta. Because of these players, both the balance of the game and overall content generated has been greatly increased, which has allowed us to streamline our project directly to the masses, in a much cleaner fashion.

To our fans and players, we’re extremely excited to bring to you an event of this scale. It’s thanks to everyone who has played our game that we’ve been able to grow so quickly as a community. This event is the first of many to come, that will support our growing competitive scene. But for now, let’s talk about the event at hand, the WILDCARD event, and the invited teams!

Check out the full-page of details here.

Who’s looking forward to the Wildcard event this Sunday? Who’s backing which team on winning?