MechWarrior Online Puts Testing Ground Online in Latest Patch

Testing Grounds, what Infinity Games Publishing is labeling as “arguably the most important feature to date,” is now online and fully operational. The latest content patch from Piranha Games’ insanely efficient development cycle unleashes a new mode that enables players to hone their skills before ever stepping into a competitive match.

Whether it be training on a new mech, working out the kinks with a new payload or playing for the first time, Testing Grounds will allow Mechwarrior Online players to do it without judgemental comments from the trolls of the Internet.

It’s never just one bit of content with Piranha. Never. Players can now suit up and speed around the hills, wintery lands and bombed out locations in the latest Hero mech, the Cicada X-5 Mech. Oddly enough, they don’t devastate their opponents by unleashing a torrent of nanobots to devour their very existence.

At any rate, trackable player statistics and the Mountain Lion mech pattern round out the patch. Interested in seeing the Cicada X-5 Mech in action? There’s a trailer for that after the cut.