Hi-Rez Studios Announces the Next God in SMITE: Loki

HiRez announced another god this morning, and it’s been the one I’ve been interested in since re-watching The Avengers just a week and a half ago: Loki.

This classical Rogue-esk character just might be up iTZKooPa’s alley.

They are eager to release this god, with the new game mode for SMITE which looks to be either Capture the Flag (I really hope so!) or a Deathmatch from the photo shared by HiRez today on Twitter shown to the right.

Here’s the video of their latest reveal; and continue reading for the text version of Loki’s passive and active abilities.


Passive: Behind You!

Loki deals 20% more damage with his basic attacks when hitting enemies from behind.

Ability #1: Vanish

Loki disappears in a puff of smoke for 3 seconds. While invisible, Loki is immune to slows and moves 50% faster. His next basic attack from this ability applies a bleed to the target, and removes the invisibility.

Ability #2: Decoy

Loki spawns a decoy version of himself that taunts nearby minions. After 3 seconds, the decoy explodes and deals damage to all enemies within radius of the decoy.

Ability #3: Aimed Strike

Loki’s next basic attack does additional damage and slows the enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Assassinate

Loki teleports to his ground target location. If an enemy god is within the targeted location, Loki will deal damage, and apply a stun.