Trion Worlds Offers Storm Legion for Free With One-Year Subscription

What’s the most annoying aspect of an expansion for a AAA subscription-based MMORPG? Why paying for it of course! Trion Worlds is getting rid of that little hindrance with a new promotion. Players that purchase a year of subscription time for Rift by November 11 will receive Storm Legion, the first expansion for the MMORPG, free of charge.

The Storm Chaser Edition of Storm Legion will run players a hefty upfront cost of $119.98. Those with long-term projections will realize that, should they plan on playing for a year, the purchase will save them a tidy sum. A year-long entry to Telara isn’t all that’s included. Purchasers will enjoy other pre-order perks including Landslide, a gigantic beast of burden, the in-game title of ‘Stormbringer’, the Storm Warden’s Cape and early entry to Exodus of the Storm Queen, one of the all-new dungeons.

Storm Legion launches on November 13, 2012.