How to Snag the Cacodemon Ymir Skin in SMITE

With the latest patch integrating and adding Ne Zha, Hi-Rez Studios also finally released the Beta promotional skin, Cacodemon Ymir.

To snag yourself this skin, all you have to do is hit level 30 before SMITE goes live.

When will SMITE release? Well Todd Harris suggested around 40 gods in this recent interview we had with him.

For those of us already level 30 (you should mock iTZkooPA for not being 30 already!), all you have to do is play an Arena, Assault, Conquest, Ranked Conquest, Team Ranked Conquest, or Domination match once to unlock it.

Good luck on the grind, SMITErs!


  1. People have estimated that it takes about 200-300 Conquest matches to go from level 1 to level 30, give or take how many of those are wins vs. losses.

    Good luck on the grind!

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