WildStar Lead PvP Designer on All Things Player vs. Player

Get bored of doing what the game designers deem interesting content? Enjoy wiping the blood of a stricken warrior across your face? Perhaps you’re just looking to spice up your entertainment by keeping it fluid between the two? Either way, WildStar, the upcoming highly-customizable MMORPG from Carbine Studios, is planning to deliver interesting content for PvP and PvE. While we’ve talked about PvE at length, the core PvP experience hasn’t seen as much attention. Until now.

In a recent interview with ZAM, the Lead PvP Designer Jen Gordy detailed the plans for pitting players against one another. Everything from basic systems, like Leaderboards, to PvP environments, such as the heavenly Warplots, to balance and gear are discussed in the lengthy interview.

It concerns me that WildStar is looking to keep the same abilities across PvE and PvP. Sure, PvE mobs won’t have the reaction or skills necessary to compete like a normal player, but as World of Warcraft found out, it often causes unwanted nerfs/buffs to PvE skills due to PvP. And get ready to farm two sets of gear if you want to be remotely optimized for PvP, another gripe of mine. It wasn’t confirmed, but Gordy makes mention of two unique PvP stats that, seemingly, won’t come from PvE gear.

Thankfully, the PvP and class teams are already investigating any required balanced changes.