Immortalize Your Character in Season 2 of Defiance

I’m still catching up on my Defiance via Hulu Plus. Despite my time-delayed viewing, the program was quickly picked up for a second season by the Syfy Network after posting impressive viewing numbers during the first few episodes.

It’s true that the media-spanning show about a collection of aliens stranded on a post-apocalyptic and terraformed Earth hasn’t seen its Trion Worlds-developed MMO shooter succeed to the same level. But it’s still succeeded, with reviewers calling it an easy-to-embrace title with a deep world.

How’d you like your character to join the universe, permanently ingraining yourself in the lore The Matrix Online style? The ‘Play the Game. Join the Show’ will enable one lucky gamer that exact opportunity.

As you can imagine it’s not an easy content to win. Players from the various platforms must register, then complete the most arkfall events from now until the contest closes on July 30. The top 10 performers will be entered into a Facebook voting contest, with the top 5 from the vote being submitted to the writing staff. Lead creator of the TV show, Kevin Murphy, will have the final say.

Not interested in turning your game of choice into a potential chore? That’s fine. I’ll be spending my July as a Season 1 cross-over catch up session. During the whole contest players will have the opportunity to replay cross-over content, from the flight of Nolan and Irisa to the Plague.