Dota 2: The Beta is Over! Lore Hound Has You Covered!

Spanning a massive two-year beta phase – giving Firefall a run for its money – Valve announced moments ago that its entry to the MOBA ring has dropped the beta tag. Dota 2 and its more than 3 million players and a concurrent max of over 300,000 have helped Valve crunch the data and optimize to a point that Valve, a company known for perfection, feel comfortable with an official launch.

Impressive numbers, correct? Indeed. In fact, they make Dota 2 Steam’s largest active community in history. That’s more than just impressive. There is a slight drawback to such a large community, Valve will be releasing the full version in waves. This is to avoid overloads on the server infrastructure preventing ridiculous queues that have been experienced at peak times for League of Legends.

Not in yet but looking to join the action? There’s a Steam app for that. A friend invite can help you race to the top of the launch queue. The launch also means that you’ve missed your chance to snag an Early Access Pass or Starter Pack.

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Woops. It looks like SMITE kept most of our MOBA players a bit too busy.