Infinite Crisis Vlog Describes Differentiating Gameplay Features

The field of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) is getting to be a highly competitive one. In fact, we wrote about the upcoming competition nearly three years ago after the announcement of Valve’s entry with DotA2. Since then it’s only gotten crazier. The MOBA genre being viewed by developers and publishers as the cash cow MMOGs were in 2005, bringing SMITE, Prime World, Strife and Infinite Crisis to bear. So fierce the competition and high the expectations that some have begun to fail.

To that end, we queried Cardell Kerr on what gameplay aspects of Turbine’s upcoming DC Universe-inspired MOBA Infinite Crisis sets it apart. A major part of his response had to do with unique catastrophic events and destructive environments. The developer truly buys into the idea that not only do these features differentiate the MOBA experience from the competition, but it also exemplifies the super hero/super villain feel.

So much do they buy into the idea that the most recent Behind the Scenes video is all about those mechanics. Watch it in its entirety behind the cut.