Lore’d of the (Hearth)stone: The Last Guardian Medivh

I’m not sure a mage can strike a more metal pose. You?

THERE YA ARE! BACK FROM YOUR ADVENTURES? The hearth is lit and you have a deck of virtual cards at your disposal, but who is that wonderful hero who holds your fate? Are you a Penniless Paladin, a Worth Opponent or a Mediocre Monk? I know I am! Come join us as we investigate the beginnings, and ends, of Warcraft’s finest in Lore’d of the (Hearth)Stone

EPIC SPOILER WARNING: The events bellow are most certainly things that MAY follow events within the Warcraft movie. Yee be warned to those that wish to not have things spoiled for them, but let us shun them for not already knowing the events that follow The First War.

Another warning for those who are not aware already that some of the events that involve the Guardian Medivh are not confirmed official canon, and 1/3rd human/orc/draenei children are just an abomination to Azeroth and all of its denizens, as C’thun intended.

Do you hear whispers? ACK! Let me shut the windows. We have seen dark times in recent days, but none darker than those on the eve of The First War. Though these days we are more equipped to handle such darkness it makes you wonder what started it all. Medivh, the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, was the bringer of a fate that left Azeroth changed. Forever. How did such a wielder of tremendous power herald such a doom? How did he return to help protect its people years later? A man shrouded in mystery from the very seeds of his beginnings, Medivh was probably the most influential being to the planet itself. He created, partook or guided most of the story of the Warcraft trilogy as we know it. It is because of him that Orcs and Humans are at a most unending war. How did this man come to be? And why, exactly, have you seen so many past tense verbs?

Almost a thousand years before The First War, one of the greatest and most powerful of the guardians of Tirisfal came into power. She was forced to go up against the demon of demons, the Dark Titan Lord Sargeras. Agewynn was this guardian, and her name is exalted by all who live on Azeroth. She would come to be known as the one who would defeat the Avatar of Sargeras, nearly single handed. If that wasn’t enough, allow us to interject that she followed up such an otherworldly event by giving birth to a successor. A successor that would change the world for the better. After changing it for the worst.

After she defeated the Avatar of Sargeras, some 800 years after, Agewynn sought refuge from the Council of Tirisfal who hunted her for many defiant actions against them. The greatest in particular for refusing to give up her powers to a new successor of their choosing. She would come out of hiding only to find a suitor named Nielas Aran, a great conjurer of Stormwind. Nielas was somewhat skeptical of Agewynn’s sudden falling in love with him, but he ultimately succumbed to her charm. She would soon become pregnant and give birth to bouncing baby boy. He was Medivh, which in Thalassian means Keeper of Secrets. The most sinister of secrets would be bestowed upon him however. A secret neither of his parents knew, nor Medivh himself, until it was too late. He harbored the spirit, an essence, the smallest shred of the fallen Titan deep within him, in which his mother had held onto ever since she defeated Sargeras’ avatar all those years ago. Agewynn would give Medivh one last gift before she would send him away to be raised by his father in Stormwind. This gift was the power of the Guardian, which she locked away within him until he would become of age to take on this heavy burden.

The boy grew up a happy child, in laughter and in play. He would join his friends Prince Llane Wrynn and Anduin Lothar on daily expeditions around Elwynn forest and even slaughter a troll or three, the murderous little scamps. He often had fainting spells after times of using too much of his magical abilities, but none were equivalent to when he would celebrate his fourteenth birthday. Medivh would have constant nightmares in which he would often wake in a cold sweat. Many believed these dreams to be caused by the demon lying in wait within him. On the eve of his birthday, Medivh was woken by the most horrifying of nightmares, and frightened by the images that plagued him he sought his father. Nielas, like any good father, inspected his son for any signs of illness, and upon brushing his hand across the boys forehead did he unlock the powers of the Guardian that were locked away by Agewynn all those years ago. Nielas was taken by an explosive power that sucked the life clean out of him. It left the adolescent Medivh in a heavy comatose state. After the boy was found, Medivh was taken to Northshire by his good friend Anduin Lothar, who would aid the clerics in Medivh’s recovery.

Medivh would wake twenty years later and acted as if nothing had happened. Deep within him Sargeras had gained full control of the Guardian, and Medivh nor any of his comrades were any of the wiser. Although Lothar would always have his suspicions of something amiss after the matter that took two decades away from his friend, he never would imagine that the greatest demon would possess that of his greatest and most trusted of allies. Years later, the Portal would be opened and Medivh, ultimately responsible for the portal’s reappearance, would be struck down by Lothar’s blade. Horror struck by being forced into cutting down his friend, Lothar and humanity achieved a Pyrrhic victory. His death is not where The Last Guardiand’s story ends. Many years later, Medivh would be resurrected by his mother Agewynn, using the rest of what magic she still possessed. Now free of the spirit of Sargeras, Medivh would fight to reclaim the honor, by no intention of his own, but for the betterment of all of Azeroth. He would become the great prophet who would warn all of the leaders of a coming plague that could all but wipe the life from the surface of Azeroth. Azeroth’s Three-Eyed Raven.

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