Join Lorehound Thursday, April 11th at 4-6pm EST For ARAM Gamemode Preview in SMITE

That’s right, Lorehound will once again be joining up with the developers at HiRez Studios to preview their new upcoming match mode: All Random All Mid (ARAM).

For those who don’t know what ARAM is, it’s where gods are randomly selected and assigned to players, and everyone must stay in mid. You can’t go back to base except for when you die (duh!). No jungling, and no snowballing items such as Doom Orb, Devourer’s Gloves, Warlock’s Sash, etc. allowed either.

You will be able to watch us directly on SMITE’s official stream, as well as our point of view on Lorehound’s stream.

SMITE Twitch Channel:

Lorehound Twitch Channel:

Our time slot is from 4pm to 6pm EDT on Thursday, April 11th. Can’t wait to see you there!