MOBA/RPG Hybrid Prime World Closed Beta Starts Soon

Launched successfully in Russia in 2011, the MOBA/RPG hybrid Prime World is nearly ready to descend on the English-speaking world. Nival announced that the game will enter closed beta testing shortly. Sign-ups are now live on the official website.

For those that haven’t heard of Prime World, there’s actually a bit more than what the headline described. To stop the headline from scrambling our beautiful layout we had to hold off on the third aspect of the hybrid title, castle building. Prime World attempts to cherry pick the best features of the MOBA genre – PvP, laneing and itemization – combine it with persistent RPG development and build a city-based economy to support future endeavors.

Beating SMITE to the punch, Prime World feature a wide variety of game modes. The typical laneing style is available, but as part of its six modes Prime World includes a mix of environments, gameplay pacing and team sizes.

Curious? Take a gander at the official English reveal trailer and screenshots featuring combat and city building after the cut. We’ll have more on the popular Prime World universe as the game approaches its testing phase.