Join the Struggle Against or With Vampires in Nosgoth (Giveaway)

lh_nosgoth_giveaway_closed_betaWondering how you can join the death-filled world of Nosgoth? The third-person fighting game remains in early beta testing so it’s not exactly easy. Sure, you can pre-purchase for Early Access, but who wants to spend money when you don’t have to? The answer should be “no one!” Psyonix and Lore Hound is teaming up to make that a really easy task. We’re simply giving closed beta access away!

Come join the asymmetrical PvP combat in the gothic world before the rise of Kain and appearance of Raziel. Featuring class-based team combat across two rounds, Nosgoth evens the playing field by forcing players to play two rounds, one go with the brutal humans and their contraptions and a second as ravaging vampires. Equip yourself with a crossbow, wings or a massive health pool. Whatever your playstyle, Nosgoth has a class for you.

If free closed beta access and the above summary doesn’t make you committed, you can check out its appearance on F2P Friday and our recent interview with Eric Majka, which introduced the game to us. It’s interesting to see how far Nosgoth has broken from its single-player origins as part of the now-canceled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun.

Head over to the Nosgoth giveaway page to claim you closed beta key. Head over to the official website to redeem and begin playing!