Patch 4.2 Legendary Staff Preview: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest

The latest in the (admittedly short) line of Legendary-level items to grace Azeroth is the staff known as “Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest.” This is one geared towards the offensive magic users, with stats/procs engineered specifically to send those greedy, little healer types running in the opposite direction. Though said stats have not yet been released, the description given in the official preview hints that it will “duplicate destructive magics, and also bestow upon its wielder the ability to transform into a member of the Blue Dragonflight.”

The former would seem to imply a few different possibilities. Maybe it doubles an enemy’s spell and sends it flying right back? Perhaps it has a chance to cast a random, highly destructive spell from a pre-defined set (Stragos style)? Or could it simply, on occasion, cast one of your own spells twice? Nobody but Blizzard knows at this point, but if you ask me, they all sound like fun, highly-desirable abilities.

As you can see in the image above, the staff will be constructed in stages, but turning it from a humble marshmallow-roaster into a pointy, hurty, rune-laced weapon of mass arcane destruction won’t be easy. You’ll need to embark on an epic quest line involving both the Blue and Bronze Dragonflights and, at times, enlist the help of your fellow guildmates to complete it. Here’s the attached lore blurb for those who are interested:

Ever since the death of the Dragon Aspect Malygos, the blue dragonflight has struggled with appointing a new leader. Its members are now torn between the two likeliest successors: Kalecgos, who champions reconciliation with other races; and Arygos, a scion of Malygos who believes that his kind should withdraw from the world and forge a new path. To end the constant debates and arguments, the flight has agreed to gather during the Embrace—an extraordinary celestial event in which Azeroth’s two moons come into perfect alignment—in the hopes that a new Aspect will be selected.

Yet a recent discovery by the bronze dragon Anachronos bodes ill for this impending ceremony. The timeless dragon has detected sinister magic at work around the Nexus, the blue flight’s frozen lair in Northrend. Along with this find, he has glimpsed a terrifying vision of Azeroth succumbing to flames. The link between this chilling portent and the blue dragons remains unclear, but Anachronos has called upon what some of his kind deem the “short-lived” races to investigate further. If a hero does not rise to the challenge and find the truth, Anachronos’s dire vision of Azeroth’s undoing could become reality.

Sadly, as cool as it looks, this one isn’t for me. I just don’t have any offensive staff-wielders in my stable of Level 85 toons (and to be honest, my guild no longer has the wherewithal to fulfill such an endeavor). One last bit that may be worth clarifying, though. I noticed the following statement in the preview:

Only those who have emerged triumphant against the evils lurking within Blackwing Descent, The Bastion of Twilight, and the Throne of the Four Winds will be eligible to begin the legendary quest.

This seems to indicate that for a character to even begin obtaining Dragonwrath, they must have made significant progress in the game’s current tier of raiding. Perhaps you’re required to have cleared every boss in the dungeons mentioned above (or at least earned the achievements for them)? It would seem odd for Blizzard to state it that way, otherwise.

Either way, good luck to those who are prepared for and capable of making the journey! Claiming ownership of a Legendary item is certainly something worth bragging about.


  1. oh snap! i know our mage is going to be getting this. he is our top dps with a peak of 22k. sadly my mage most likely wont have a chance at it, since our core raid group doesnt need anymore casters. :(

  2. Actually funneling the questline into the old raids is a great way to help progression.

    Rather than waiting months on a raiding boss just to succeed for an item, then the next teir coming out the next month, well, it all play’s out to being annoying.

    If all you have to do is something like, 3 weeks of raiding old content, that’s not bad.

  3. This is gonna be a delightful drama shitfest in my raid ^^. Our 3 offensive casters are:

    A hyper-passive ‘I just want everyone to go to bed happy’ who hangs near the lower tier of the dps but is well liked for her attitude. Willpower of a wet paper bag, blames self for every wipe regardless of blame.

    An egotistical sometimes-boomkin who still feels that even if he only shows up for one of the 2 nights of the week he’s still entitled to whatever he wants.

    A dps meter-whoring warlock who not only wants everything he can justify but also descends like the wrath of god on anything he views as competition (seriously, he bullied a top-rate shaman out of the SERVER for the sin of out-DPSing him).

    I forsee this being entertaining, especially with Cata raiding already stretching patience thin among the group. Better start recording my healing stats now for when I need to go find a new group in a month, lol.

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