Lord of the Rings Online Harvestmath Festival Kicks Off

Citizens of Lord of the Rings Online can now begin their fall festivities. Harvestmath kicked off on Monday, September 24 and will continue until the day before the release of the horse-filled expansion, Riders of Rohan. During the festivities Middle-earth will be filled with seasonal content, including daily quests, a new limited-time instance and more.

Participants in games, quests and dungeon running will accumulate special tokens redeemable for festive loot like cloaks, maps, masks and the new Harvest-brew Steed. You read right, aside from the token addition of a dungeon and some throwaway quests, Turbine Entertainment has unleashed mini-games on players. Try your hand at “the ponies,” enjoy the challenge of Scroll-grabbing, Geode-hunting, Pumpkin Picking, and Apple Bobbing, play tricks on others or kick back and decorate your home. It’s all fair game  during Harvestmath.

Don’t let the activities blind you though. The Riders of Rohan launches on October 15! Hit the jump for the new dev vlog and a collection of Harvestmath screenshots.