The Physics Are Here! World of Tanks v8.0 Live

Or maybe they're just "in like" with each other., creator of World of Tanks and its upcoming sister titles, happily announced earlier today that the strategy title has been updated to v8.0. The latest content patch introduces the usual assortment of new content, yet that’s not what all the hullabaloo is about. Mini-map functionality, new tank destroyers for the USSR and the first premium British war machine are just teases for the modifications that will change WoT as we know.

The big deal is the addition of adaptive camo, changes to lighting and shadow systems and a completely revamped physics engine. These changes are sure to kick off a whole new strategic outlook on the historical tank ranks. Now the mammoth tanks can truly crush their lighter, nimbler counterparts should they so desire.

The notes are far, far too long to list in one of our posts, even behind the cut, so check them out at the official site. You’ve gotta go there to download the client anyways. Behind the cut is our  exclusive Patch v8.0 interview, so be sure to click that button.

Oh, so you hit the jump? Good for you. Have a code redeemable for 5,000 in-game Gold: BN2DGT4MK4FR-V7WB2S3. Single use only, so first come, first served!


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