Lord of the Rings Online Update 10 Bringing Four New Instances, Scaling

Turbine Entertainment dropped some sad news on Lord of the Rings Online players late last year. After much beta testing, Turbine announced that the Riders of Rohan expansion pack would missed its initial deadline. Well, in a fashion. Instead of fully delaying all of the expansion’s features, including mounted combat, the develop took the unusual approach of segmenting the content.

Update 9 brought the first batch of post-launch content. Update 10 will have the second part of instance content. Four instances to be exact! The second go is focusing on guild content, featuring three 12-man raids across the lands of Rohan. The fourth instance induces a more intimate 6-man affair a bit out of the way in the Lonely Mountain area.

So yeah, lots of new dungeon content. But there’s more. Lord of the Rings Online – Update 10 includes another Turbine update, similar to the Return to Gianthold of Dungeons & Dragons Online. The updated “In Their Absence” questline has been retooled to scale for players level 65-85 and includes a retuned Ost Dunhoth.

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