MMORTS Godsrule Open Beta Item Key Giveaway

Enjoy the ancient mythologies of yesteryear? Enjoy social networks? What about RTS elements and the chance to beat up friends on multi-platforms? If you’ve answered with an emphatic “Yes!” to these questions, then you best take a gander Godsrule, the latest title from Gogogic. Published by Sega, the title moved from its closed beta testing to its open beta phase on February 22.

To celebrate, has teamed up with Sega to bring the community a chance to jump in open beta. Oh wait, you can do that anyways…

Fine, how about the fact that the keys from our database include $20 of Orbs, the premium in-game currency. That’ll allow players to reduce the time required for research, training and building. Offensively, Orbs can be used to upgrade spells or collect the devastating premium battle units.

Head over to the Giveaway page for the full details, including instructions on how to redeem your key. For those unfamiliar with the title, there’s a gallery and trailer after the cut.

Happy hunting!