LoreHound Cares: MS 150 City to Shore Community Drive & Massive Giveaway

I’ve been drumming up donations for charities or directly volunteering for as long as I can remember. I may not know what I had for breakfast yesterday, but I know I’ve been at soup kitchens, barking out raffle deals and greeting guests since before I hit the awkward pizza face voice cracking combo. Now that I’m over exactly none of those embarrassing “growing pains” – yet stopped growing because genetics – I’ve only increased my charitable actions.

Why’s this matter to you, the Lore Hound community? Simple, as my latest and most ambitious drive for MS 150 City to Shore Lore Hound is allowing me to make it a giveaway event for the blog! This means you’ll receive many opportunities to win awesome skins, beta access and card packs for everything from Hearthstone to SMITE.

Donating is simple, even my Mom can do it. Simply head over to the dedicated iTZKooPA donation page and follow the instructions. It’s exactly like purchasing something from Amazon. Be sure to add ‘LH’ or ‘Lore Hound’ in the name field so we know you came from the site!

Now if altruism isn’t enough for you then allow me to get on with the prizes. Head to the other side of the cut for the expected giveaway package. There’s even proof that they’re already in my possession!

Prizes will be given out throughout the donation as particular landmarks are reached. As of press time, there’s just over 100 days to donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Unless specified otherwise, these prizes will be awarded to anyone that marked their donation with a LH or Lore Hound tag. Here’s the breakdown:

Monetary Milestones:

  • $250 level – Tribes: Ascend & World of Tanks Gold, a Random Costume Box for Marvel Heroes
  • $500 level – Tribes: Ascend & World of Tanks Gold, Kali 2013 Convention skin for SMITE, Random Costume Box
  • $750 level – Kali 2013 Convention skin, Strife Closed Beta access, a Random Costume Box for Marvel Heroes
  • $1,000 level – Artemis 2012 Convention skin, Strife Closed Beta access, DJ Rap City Alt avatar for Heroes of Newerth
  • $1,500 level – Artemis 2012 Convention skin, Hearthstone Card Pack, Riot Blitzcrank & Arcade Hecarim skins for League of Legends, Mega Pack MKII key ($200 value!)

Guaranteed Giveaways:

  • Largest Donor – Artemis 2012 & Kali 2013 Convention skin
  • Random Selection – Your choice of anything available & Viewer match on the Livestream in your game of choice.
  • Random Retweeter – Random Costume Box for Marvel Heroes
  • Random Facebook Share – Random Costume Box for Marvel Heroes

Don’t doubt the possibility of these levels being reached. In 2013, I raised over $600 in a few weeks without any kind of giveaway! Donate today.

We reserve the right to increase or substitute prizes depending on additional developer interest, expiration considerations and other codes we receive during the promotion. We’re actively working pursuing more giveaway materials for the charitable event.