LoreHound Crier: 1/4/13 – 1/11/13 At A Glance

Well it certainly has been a while since I’ve been able to post! The holidays have come and gone, I’ve moved to an entirely different state, have bought a house, and I’ve even started tabletop gaming again: a good old nostalgic game of 1st edition D&D. I’d forgotten the joys of calculating THAC0. Playing 1st ed D&D has had me reflecting a lot on how games have changed over the years – and I really do miss the old complicated, huge worlds that forced me to have to think about tactics, learn my character inside and out, and didn’t guide me around with glowing arrows. But no one has ever accused me of being a casual gamer – I like my games to be merciless killing machines. Dark Souls the MMO would make me a very happy girl indeed. If anyone has the time and inclination to post comments, I’d love to know what you all like in your games! Am I alone in pining for the days of death munching on XP and corpse runs?

In the world of MMORPGs, it’s been rather lively. Several games are looming on the horizon,  there’s been an announcement of another joining the f2p crowd, and a few games have had content patches. I never thought I’d say this about a Cryptic game – but I am looking forward to Neverwinter! Every bit of news has me giggling in anticipation – one thing you can count on with Cryptic is their character generation will be excellent. Combine that with the Foundry and a fantasy setting, and it seems pretty tough to beat! I just love user generated content in my games; I will often spend more time going through mods than I will actually playing a game, even when it’s just UI tweaks. Anyone who likes reading what I have to say can look forward to me writing about mods once Neverwinter launches… which brings me to my second question of the day: What kinds of adventures are you hoping for? Hack and slash assault style play, dialogue heavy RP focused, some combination of the two, or something else? I’d love to know what you think!

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  •  iTZKooPA delivered the sad news that Age of Empires Online is going into maintenance mode. It’s not a game I had any interest in playing, but it’s still always sad to see games declining.
  • iTZKooPA’s return to World of Warcraft continues as he compares inventory management to cleaning his room. I have to say, I do agree with him. I played WoW for about 3 months at a friend’s insistence, and the first thing I did was paw through the various inventory management addons.
  • Neverwinter fans had some more eyecandy to look at over the past week – iTZKooPA had the details on the showcasing of Blackdagger Ruins and Vellosk, as well as the Great Weapon Fighter class. When it comes to D&D, I’m more a rogue at heart, but I won’t turn down glimpses of anything!
  • pixiestixy showed off the WoW 5.2 teaser trailer that includes dino riders. I have to admit, that does sound cool.
  • pixiestixy gave us her first impressions of Ragnarock Online 2. I didn’t enjoy it as much as she did, though I did enjoy the good read!
  • Like some Transformers in your MMORPG? iTZKooPA reported that Transformer’s Universe is set to enter its second beta. There will even be new content to enjoy!
  • There’s no denying that TERA is a gorgeous game. iTZKooPA told us that soon it will be available for everyone to enjoy as it is heading into the free-to-play empire.
  • What happens when you combine winter celebrations with Q and ferengi? iTZKooPA has the answer – extended shopping for Winter Wonderland prizes! Star Trek Online‘s holiday event has had its shopping extended.
  • I showed off my love of exclamation points in the title of the very first post I put up after my extended absence. Heroes have gone up for sale! Marvel Heroes Foundry Packs are up for pre-purchase! Get your heroes here while they’re hot!
  • Mordil gave us a very thorough detailing of SMITE‘s 0.1.1288 patch. It includes Rome’s own man of steel, the new (demi) god, Hercules. I’ve always preferred the Greek Herakles myself, but what’s a few pesky letter changes in the face of new gods to play?
  • And that’s it for this week! I’m still down with the flu so not up to full speed yet, but at the very least I’ll be sending out the Friday Crier again so I’ll see you all next week!

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