Lost Saga Institues Dynamic Content, First Licensed Fighter

Granted, we Hounds haven’t covered Lost Saga all that much. Actually, if memory serves me correct, we haven’t covered the MMO fighter from WeMade Entertainment at all. I’m not quite sure if that’s a shame, oversight, or reasonable, but it doesn’t really matter because the publisher just caught our attention.

Over the weekend the US arm announced the title’s latest patch, which slips dynamic content into the MMO fighter. The “relaunched” beat-em up, in the vain of Dungeon Fighter Online, didn’t reserve a minor patch to rekindle existing user interest. No, no. The patch includes 15 new characters across the gauntlet of history, scifi, and folklore. There’s an additional four maps and much more planned for subsequent patch.

Of real interest is the details behind one of those new characters. WeMade added the first of its planned licensed fighters, Iori Yagami, the star of The King of Fighters and participant of SNK vs. Capcom.

Now in open beta testing, sign up for Lost Saga on the official website. Check out the relaunch trailer and additional media after the cut.