Marvel Heroes Attracts 1.5 Million Superheroes (Video)

I’m not sure it counts, but it’s actually a parade of gamers that are playing at superheroes. Either way, Gazillion Entertainment certainly believes the measure is a mark of success for Marvel Heroes. Launched on June 4, the F2P dungeon crawler has amassed an impressive backing despite some to-be-addressed concerns. Gazillion has a cool way of celebrating, announcing new content!

Coming soon to the buck and a half of players is the first major content patch, v1.11, new PvP and end game modes. The modifications will allow players to continue experiencing the game in an alternate fashion after Doctor Doom’s downfall. The exciting Eternity Splinters will be included as well as access to the Human Torch.

Late July will introduce the above, yet Gazillion didn’t stop the teasing there. Coming fall 2013 is the first digital expansion for Marvel Heroes. It’ll include the Asgard zone, complete with story content based on Thor and Loki, new PvE areas and PvP modes with additional end game content.

David Brevik added “This is just the beginning for Marvel Heroes. We’re very excited about the future.” Hit the jump for the all-new features trailer.

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