Phantasy Star Online Launches Episode 2; Still Not Available in the West

There have been plenty of games, interesting ones, that have launched in the East and seen gobs of development before we really caught wind of them. TERA is a great example. Bluehole Studios released numerous content patches to the action-oriented MMORPG before En Masse Entertainment released it here. But at least the company kept us informed after the intentions were divulged. Not true for SEGA and Phantasy Star Online 2.

Release on the other side of the Pacific last July, PSO2 had a strong initial reception making the decision to go international a few weeks prior to launch all the more obvious. Shortly after, SEGA opted to follow in LucasArts footsteps, closing a previous installment in the universe, Phantasy Star Universe in fact, to make way for PSO2. Months later, with no official discussion on the western release, gamers awaiting a good dungeon crawling sci-fi adventure received confirmation that the North American launch had been delayed to…soon.

But hey, Japan is still getting content and a Southeast Asia English-language server was announced, so there’s hope!

The previously discussed summer patch is now live, unleashing the fourth race, the Dewman (Duman), a new planet and the Braver class. Bravers will be able to wield the new Katana and Bullet Bows.

If you’re attempting to play through translation efforts, or brushing up on your Japanese, the patch may require clearing your HDD a bit. MMOCulture reports that it’s a whopping 5 GB.