Marvel Heroes Bundles Are Back, Cheaper & New Costumes

Marvel Heroes took a bit of flak in its open and closed beta testing phases for offering pricey pre-order packages. The bundles, which included hero groups and cosmetic costumes, could run into the hundreds of dollars. As a free to play game the purchases were entirely at a gamer’s discretion, but that’s never stopped the very vocal community from expressing its opinion.

Publisher Gazillion Entertainment listened, but made no immediate move to reduce prices longterm. Now that the dungeon crawler is in the wild and community feedback has already mounted some major game design changes, the price point issue was reinvestigated. In addition to bringing back the bundles, which were originally unavailable after launch, Gazillion is offering new options and reducing costs. Permanently.

 Bundles of costumes and hero tiers have been reduced nearly across the board. The four hero tiers now range from 450 to 1,450. The costume tiers also start at 450 but range to only 1,250. The recent store modifications include the addition of three new costumes, Hulk, Cable and Captain America. And let’s not forget the new loot tier, Cosmic items.


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