Marvel Heroes Core Content is Seriously Free-to-Play

Gazillion Entertainment President David Brevik had an axe to grind with the gaming community at large and its assumptions of the free-to-play market. He acknowledges that there is legitimate evidence to make consumers of F2P titles weary of being nickel and dimed. Those interested in his company’s upcoming superhero MMOG Marvel Heroes need not worry.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Brevik expanded upon the team’s passion for the project and the expectations of F2P market. “We’re creating a triple-A quality game that has deep gameplay, graphics are state of the art because we’re using Unreal Engine to render, and we aren’t just a little bit free. We’re completely free.”

Later, he pointed to MOBA leader League of Legends as the business model Gazillion is looking to adopt for Marvel Heroes. The regular content updates will remain free, with optional purchases added within each major patch.

We’ll have more from Marvel Heroes from this weekend’s New York Comic Con in NYC. Marvel Heroes is currently accepting Closed Beta signups. Be sure to check out our latest interview with associate producer Matt Group.

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