Marvel Heroes In-house Livestream June 16 (Video)

Earlier this week Gazillion Entertainment and the Marvel Heroes community celebrated the first anniversary of the dungeon crawler. Dubbed Marvel Heroes 2015, the anniversary event marks the release of its latest content patch, featuring the demon lord Surtur’s storyline, and, perhaps more importantly, recapping the dramatic changes to the gameplay, systems and itemization of Marvel Heroes.

To celebrate, we’re going to be joining the developers at Secret Identity Studios. Like, in their base, killing their mans. What’s more is we’ll be doing this in a capacity that you, the Lore Hound community, will be fully enveloped in the coverage thanks to the glory of Twitch.TV! The timing of the stream won’t be known until the day of, so be sure to follow us on Twitter in addition to Twitch to be kept in the loop.

What’s on the docket you ask? Why simply the past, present and future of Marvel Heroes. Ya know, no big deal. This includes development options, listening to the community and learning from mistakes. Any questions, changes or tweaks you wish to pick their brains about? If so, leave it in the comments of this post.

Naturally, we’ll be giving away item codes during the livestream and expect to have more after.

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  1. Given the recent implementation of Shared Quests, are there any plans to implement/overhaul a questing system that will incentivize group questing and bring its efficiency in line with solo Legendary Questing?

  2. I am playing form the beginning this game is growing very well . i would like to ask is it possible to get live online support from the tech player will be benefited with this and we can get solutions .

    All updates (like patch updates) with different time zone so that we don’t need to search for the local time .

    last but not least make it less addictive .

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